Eternal Gospel 永恆的福音 (Free Download 免費下載)

永恆的福音-張玉明博士 (免費下載)

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Eternal Gospel-Dr. Yue-Ming Joseph Chang, tr. Dr. Wen-Ching Hsieh (Free Download)

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Terms of Use

1. Purpose

This electronic book is provided as a tool for people to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their loved ones.  It is free of any cost.  Christ has paid it all with his precious life, the material that tries to convey this wonderful gospel does not merit any payment.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

永恆的福音 is published by Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei, Taiwan and  copyrighted @2008 by Rev. Yue-Ming Joseph Chang.

3. Non-Commercial Use of 永恆的福音

永恆的福音 is provided on this site for non-commercial purposes only.  Non-commercial purposes means that you may not sell, profit from, or commercialize 永恆的福音, the materials or content within or works derived from them.

4. Attribution

Any use of 永恆的福音 content or works derived from them should be attributed to the original author Rev. Yue-Ming Joseph Chang. You must also provide attribution to the 永恆的福音 URL (

Please use the following format:

In English
Rev. Yue-Ming Joseph Chang, Eternal Gospel (Bread of Life Great Park Church),  (Accessed Date)

In Chinese 中文
張玉明牧師, ” 永恆的福音” (爾灣大公園靈糧堂),, (上網日期) .